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  "Brian is a superman. We worked together on several projects and not only was he always ahead of the curve on the latest technology, his vast knowledge of PME engineering requirements have always made the project run smooth.”


   Nick Nye, AIA, Timbes Architectural Group

“Brian is thoroughly knowledgeable and always offers alternative design options to projects. He looks at the entire project and how his systems will integrate successfully with the design. He has never let me down on a project and I always enjoy working with him.”


Pam Cecala, AIA, Taylor Architecture

   “Brian, BEST, has a broad range of excellent engineering skills that are completed on time and within budget. He exceeds expectations in delivery of services. It is a pleasure working with him.”


   Joel Carter, Carter Architecture

   “Brian does an excellent job of reviewing the drawings I send him for design approval. We work closely on resolving any issues that may arise. He is detail orientated.”


   Charles Thurston, Myrtle Beach Fire & Safety..

   “I have worked with Brian on several jobs and have found him to be extremely pleasant and easy to work with. When you have questions Brian is available and handles them quickly and efficiently. I look forward to working with him again.”


   Fredis McKnight, Chancel Builders

    "I have worked with Brian for over three years and maintain an ongoing professional relationship. I enjoy working with him and recommend his company to anyone who is looking for assistance with Mechanical, Electrical, or Plumbing Design work.”


  James Rice, SGA Architecture

   “Brian and his staff are dependable, they met project schedules and delivered cost effective solutions. I highly recommend Brian's Team.”


   Gerry O'Sullivan, Carter Architecture

   “I have total confidence when Brian performs his services to our company. Brian's philosophies in business and engineering are the same as ours, full of integrity and service.”


   Jeff Hunter, Grand Strand Fire Sprinkler